Elia & Meli


Elia & Meli is a digital platform aiming to facilitate your daily life by providing solutions to various occasions and by delivering whatever you ask for, wherever you want it, in a matter of minutes!

We can deliver snacks and small meals when you are hungry, kiosk items, soft drinks, beer to drink when there’s a football game, ice cream for the children (or anyone else, for that matter), diapers for the baby, detergent for cleaning and so much more. In a few words, you can order anything you would find at a convenience store!

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Food Gallery

Market Gallery

Anything you want

Traditional local products, kneaded bread, roast chicken and anything a mini market had – we got it!

Right when you want it

Got bored, forgot it or just don’t want to go shopping? We will be there with one phone call.

Traditional Food

Get breakfast, lunch, dinner and more